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About  Me

My name is Amanda Jenkins and I love birth! I am the second oldest of 8 children and witnessed 3 of my younger siblings’ births as they were born at home. I grew up excited to experience birth myself.


I enjoy camping, rock climbing, hiking, skiing, and generally being outside. I am a terrible gardener, although each year I am determined that this will be the year I actually get something to grow and each year I wonder what happened. I play piano and enjoy playing duets with my husband on the cello. I served an LDS mission in Peru and speak Spanish fluently.

My husband and I chose to have our three children at a freestanding birth center in Ogden with an amazing midwife. With the support of my husband, mother, and midwives, I felt so loved, protected, and empowered.


Since experiencing it myself, my love for birth has just kept growing! After having my first little boy, I decided that I needed to become a doula and help other women discover their positive birth experience as well. I certified as a birth doula through the Childbirth International Doula certification program and also spent some time volunteering with the U of U Doula program. I believe every woman deserves to have the best birth possible, and I want to help you achieve your birthing goals. If you live in the Vernal area, contact me today by email -, or by phone - 801-791-5138. I look forward to hearing from you!

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